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Company Overview

Asset Management flagship and solid industry experience

  • Trillion Profit has forged an enviable and highly respected reputation for managing investment in private ventures and projects, spanning from real estate/ infrastructure to high-tech/ new energy sectors.  The Group continues to leverage its success by pursuing new opportunities to diversify secularly and expand its portfolio, acquiring world-class investments both locally and internationally.  We adamantly adhere to our Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) guidelines so as to operate sustainably for the social cause of all beings and the environment.  Since 2018, we have invested to promote cutting-edge technological advancement to help reshape the world.
  • Trillion Profit is a corporate member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) – one of the four major chambers in HK.  In addition, senior management of Trillion Profit takes part in the advancement of professional industry through the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI); we are also delighted to have been shortlisted to contribute to the residence country and its society by playing a vital role in the High-level National Think Tank of P.R.C. Central Government, the HKGCC, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC), the Hong Kong Real Property Federation (HKRPF), and the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce (HKCCC).
  • Top management of Trillion Profit possesses solid experience in asset management, investment and development.

Quality in execution

  • Our partners earn recognitions from around the industry with clients include Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd., New World Development Company Limited, Soundwill Management Co Ltd. and etcetera.  Expertise, innovation and endeavor are the keys to our execution quality.

Top-notch qualitative & quantitative assessments and extensive networks

  • Trillion Profit applies sophisticated qualitative and quantitative assessments for our direct and indirect investments, and employs active strategy to generate exceptional alphas.
  • We apply scientific and practical approach for investment selection which aims to deliver best possible internal rate of return (IRR) and net present value (NPV) with reasonable horizon.

Prudent financial structure and strong liquidity

  • Trillion Profit applies advanced Enterprise Risk Management (E.R.M.) techniques to manage corporate financial risks and investment risk metrics.
  • Strong liquidity and financial flexibility with access to diversified funding channels.

Los Angeles

Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

We have developed vast commercial networks with global businesses and governments. Please contact our investor correspondent for exhaustive information.


Los Angeles

2021/8 Press Release – New Investment Landscape under the Global Pandemic

Press Release – New Investment Landscape under the Global Pandemic (2021/8)

Our view on the new investment landscape and asset management practice for professional investors during COVID-19, published in the Elite Column of Singtao Daily.

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2020/7 Press Release – COVID-19 & The New World Order

Press Release – COVID-19 & The New World Order (2020/7)

Published in the Elite Column of Singtao Daily, our director accurately predicts that a new world order has been formulated amid COVID-19; he further analyzed the potential macroeconomic patterns and global pandemic responses.

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2019/10 National Banquet

National Banquet (2019/10)

Senior management of our Group has been invited to attend the national banquet of P.R.C. at Beijing, where top national leaders and invitees exchange ideas.


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2019/7 Official Visit to Cities of the Greater Bay Area (GBA)

Official Visit to Cities of the Greater Bay Area (2019/7)

Our management was invited to meet with provincial leaders and mayors from the Greater Bay Area throughout the years, so as to explore opportunities for achieving both common prosperity as well as viable commercial value. Management of our Group was interviewed by global TV broadcasters and press media regarding his opinion on the future development of GBA.

In addition, we have joined force to inspect the operational aspect and the traffic implication of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge prior to its opening in October 2018.

Photo Annotation: The third man from the left is Leung Chun-ying GBM GBS JP – Vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference & the Fourth Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, beside him are mainly our senior management and Mr. Ma Chan Chi – Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited.

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2019/6 Maritime Silk Road Series – Official Visit to Vietnam

Maritime Silk Road Series – Official Visit to Vietnam (2019/6)

Being invited to one of the major cities in Vietnam, senior members of our Group exchange ideas with local government and business leaders.  With in-depth expertise and knowledge in the relevant markets of Southeast Asia, we are able to capture different and unique alphas from those markets along the modern “Maritime Silk Road” of “Belt and Road Initiative”.


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2019/6 Press Release – Will G20 be a Half Note Rest for Economic Warfare?

Press Release – Will G2o be a Half Note Rest for Economic Warfare? (2019/6)

Our director’s notion about the G20 Summit 2019 published on Singtao Daily.

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Thank you for your interest in Trillion Profit Development Group.  To apply for a position with us, please provide your contact information, cover letter and resume as below:




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    2018/7 Press Release – From the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to the Belt and Road Initiative

    Press Release – From the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to the Belt and Road Initiative (2018/7)

    Our director has published his recent comment about the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and its implications for the Belt and Road Initiative in Singtao Daily.