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2019/7 Business Visit to Cities of the Greater Bay Area (GBA)

Business Visit to Cities of the Greater Bay Area (2019/7)

Our management was invited to meet with provincial leaders and mayors from the Greater Bay Area throughout the years, so as to explore opportunities for achieving brighter economic prospects. Management of our Group was interviewed by global TV broadcasters and press media regarding his opinion on the future development of GBA.

In addition, we are honored to have an opportunity to visit the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge prior to its opening in October 2018 for studying its operational aspect and traffic implication.


Los Angeles

2019/6 Emerging Market Series – Official Visit to Vietnam

Emerging Market Series – Official Visit to Vietnam (2019/6)

Being invited to one of the major cities in Vietnam, senior members of our Group exchange ideas with local government and business leaders.  With in-depth expertise and knowledge in the relevant markets of Southeast Asia, we are able to capture different and unique alphas along the emerging markets.


Los Angeles

2018/1 Investment & Finance Roundtable

Finance Roundtable – Investment in Global Markets & Secular Diversification (2018/1)

Senior management of our Group was discussing about investment narratives, global financial markets and secular diversification.  Among the participants are institutional investors and star fund managers.

Photo Annotation: The second man from the right is Mr. Lin Jingzhen— Deputy Chief Executive of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, among them is our senior management, fund managers, and business partners.