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Corporate Strategy & Operations

Planning  & Guidance

  • Province/City Selection based on proprietary data and methodology
  • Leverage on strong industry network and extensive affiliations with governments
  • Top-notched building quality of Sun Deco

Investment & Resources Integration

  • Site inspection
  • Scientific approach of evaluation; match our investment criteria (i.e. IRR, NPV, investment horizon)
  • Extensive deal flow network
  • Strong relationship with central & local governments

Property Development

  • Construction normally takes 3 to 4 years
  • Good connections with local authorities
  • Leverage on Sun Deco’s capability of building quality and premium products
  • Full-range capacity (i.e. design, tender, construction, sales & operation)

Exit & Investment Property

  • Operations & intrinsic value realization
  • Achieve best possible project value & return
  • Retain investment properties according to light-asset operating strategy
  • Vast distribution network and industry connections

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