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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Humanitarian Support under Extreme Climate:  In response to the recent natural catastrophe occurred in Henan province, we have donated essential drinking water to “SOS Children’s Village Kaifeng, China”.

Procurement Priority Policy: In order to promote economic growth in rural area and improve social equality, we prioritize our procurement policy towards products produced from rural area should they fulfill our requirement and of equitable quality.

Employment of Biodegradable Packaging: We have employed biodegradable material for packaging, so as to reduce greenhouse gas emission through society’s waste management process.

“Elderly-In-Action” Scheme: In the anticipation that elderly people spend more time indoors during COVID-19, we have donated furniture to “Elderly Home of Happiness Zhuhai, China”.

Social Participation: As a social responsible enterprise, our senior executives provided useful academic and career advice (i.e. Business-School Partnership Program) to secondary students on a regular basis, so as to improve social mobility within our society (Remarks: The said event has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic)

Anti-discrimination Policy: To uphold our corporate governance principle, we introduce anti-discrimination policy for LBGT employees; employees who are coming out of closet will not be penalized, bonus and career promotion shall be performance-based; in addition, respective rights and choices shall be respected to ensure diverse employee backgrounds.


Occupational Safety Measures under COVID-19: Since 2000, we have put in place sophisticated internal controls (i.e. vaccination, daily temperature checkup, health code, safety working distance, emergency response, etc.) with PIC keeping respective module in-check.  In addition, we have partnered with LBS Hygiene to maintain a healthy working environment for our employees under COVID-19.

Advanced Risk Management: Navigating through ongoing pandemic environment, we have had developed qualitative and quantitative risk management measures, with a set of parameters and reporting procedures to protect investor return.

Corporate Culture & Effective Communication: Standard corporate events which reflect our core value of respecting diverse talents and effective governance were held successfully.



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