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Company Overview

Property flagship and solid industry experience

  • Trillion Profit is a property flagship focusing on luxury residential and commercial properties, city complex and resort in Mainland China. Trillion profit is a corporate member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) – one of the four major chambers in HK; in addition, senior management of Trillion Profit also play a vital role in HKGCC, Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC), Hong Kong Real Property Federation (HKRPF), Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce (HKCCC).
  • Top management of Trillion Profit is coming from Sun Deco Contracting Limited (Sun Deco), Asia Standard International Group (Asia Standard), The Wharf (Holdings) Limited (Wharf) and KPMG with solid experience in property investment, development and contracting businesses.

Building for quality and world-class living environment

  • Founded in 2008, Sun Deco earns recognitions from around the industry as a top-notched contracting company. Clients include Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd., New World Development Company Limited, Soundwill Management Co Ltd. and etcetera.
  • Leveraging on Sun Deco’s design and fitting-out capabilities, Trillion Profit vows to “Create World-class Living Environments in mainland China and to Build for Quality”.

Light-asset business model and extensive network

  • Trillion Profit applies light-asset business model as our core operating strategy.
  • We apply scientific and practical approach to select real estate projects which deliver the best possible internal rate of return (IRR) and net present value (NPV) with reasonable investment horizon.

Prudent financial structure and strong liquidity

  • Trillion Profit applies advanced E.R.M. techniques to manage corporate financial risks, including cash balance/ short-term borrowings, net gearing ratio, and other risk metrics.
  • Strong liquidity and financial flexibility with access to diversified funding channels:

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